Late Sh. H.L. Bansal of Rampura Phul, Bathinda is dedicated to the cause of Voluntary blood donation, AIDS Awareness and Women Education. His innovative ideas, Ceaseless efforts, powerful l motivation through speeches, writings and inspiring guidance have proved instrumental in making Voluntary Blood Donation-A Movement in Punjab. He has been rendering excellent services in promoting Blood Donation Movement for the last three decades and AIDS awareness since 1987.

Rampura Phul - The Town of Blood Donors

Under his leadership, the first Blood Donation camp was organized in 1978. 200 blood donation camps have been organized in this small town of Rampura Phul upto 2009, 15% of the eligible population of the town has been enrolled as Blood Donors. That is why Rampura Phul is now known as the town of Blood Donors.

A Powerful Motivator

Sh. H.L. Bansal is a powerful Motivator. He has delivered more than 1500 Motivational talks in different parts of the country. Several talks have been broadcast/telecast. His Spell binding speeches, inspiring writings, Articles in newspapers and Circulars have helped In making him a powerful mobliser and motivator in the realm of voluntary Blood Donation And AIDS Awareness.

Spread Of Women Education

He has played a grand role in the spread of Women Education in educationally backward district of Bathinda. There was absolutely to arrangement for women education at college level in district Bathinda, when he set up the first women college (Shaheed Smarak College) at Rampura Phul. Under his inspiring patronage and guidance a large number of women colleges have been set up in this area. He has helped a large number of needy students.

Awards and Honours

Sh. H.L. Bansal has been honoured by various National, International and other organizations for his outstanding social services.
1) National level award of merit by Indian red cross society in 1984. This award was Presented by Sh. M. Hidyatullah, Vice President of india in Vigayan Bhawan, New Delhi.
2) National level motivation award by Indian society of blood transfuction and immunohaematology 1996. This award was presented at Ashoka Hotel New Delhi by Sh. Saleem Shervani. The health minister of India in its 21st National Conference.
3) National Level Oration (life time achievement award) by Indian society of blood transfusion and immunohaematology 2008. This award was presented in ISBTI 33rd National Conference held at Lucknow in Dec. 2008. It is worth mentioning that only one individual is given this award during a year.
4) Nine state level awards by Punjab State Red Cross ,These were presented by Governors of Punjab at State Level functions.
5) Punjab Govt. Highest Awards Consisting of Punjab Sarkar Parman Patra and Medal These were presented by Chief Ministers of Punjab S. Beant Singh Ji and Captain Amrinder Singh ji at State Level Independence Day functions at Patiala and Mansa in 1994 and 2005.
6) More than 400 awards by various voluntary organizations including Medical Colleges, Blood Banks, Lions International, Punjabi Uni. Patiala and Red Cross Societies.

Outstanding Achievements

1) His services were appreciated by Baba Amte, American Red Cross and many other international and national dignitaries.
2) First person in India to write books on Blood Donation in Hindi and Punjabi.
3) First person in Punjab to organise a voluntary body aids control trust at Rampura Phul to create awarence regarding AIDS.
4) First to organise a State Level Conference on AIDS in Punjab at Rampura Phul.
5) Presided over the 15th national conference of ISBTI held at Indore in jan.1989.
6) Directorate general of health services ministry of health and family welfare govt. of India, New Delhi published national guide book on Blood Donor Motivation in 1990. The front cover of this book mentions the name of only one city of India-that city is Rampura Phul - the town of Blood Donors.