The management reserves to itself the right of admission.

1. The school is to boys and girls irrespective of caste or creed provided the child fulfils certain requirements, set by the school management,and the parents concerned undertake to company with all regulations formed or to be framed by the school management.The minimum age for admission to Playway is 1 year and 6 months and accordingly for higher classes. The minimum age for admission to Nursery is 3 years and 3 months and accordingly for higher classes.

2. Those seeking admission in school have to first get their child's registered in the month of January by paying the prescribed registration fee by the announced date and time. The school reserves the right to make its own admission without giving any reason or explanation whatsoever. Admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

3. Children selected for admission have to deposit the due fees and other charges as imposed by the school management from time to time get themselves enrolled in the school register by filling in the admission form. A passport size photo and an attested photostat copy of the birth certificate have to be deposited with the admission form. Incomplete forms or failure to comply with any of the formalities may result in loss the seat . A security of 500/-(refundable should without interest) is to be deposited to confirm and retain seat. The security should be claimed within a year after the withdrawal of the child, Fees and charges other than security deposit once paid are non - refundable.

4. Academically , the school is split in following sections:
(a) Blooming Kids Playway School
(b) Nursery Sections (Nursery,KG)
(c) Primary section(1st-5th)
(d) Middle section(6th-8th)
(e) High section(9th-10th)
(f) B.A. College

6. Promotion from one section to another to not ipso facto guaranteed.Rather,It shall be treated as a new admission and assignment to a particular section as well as class is entirely reserved with the school authorities.

7. The correct date of birth should be given at the time of admission. The date of birth certified in birth certificate will not be altered on any account.

8. The pupil will be explained in the matter of class immediately below that to which he/she seeks admission and will have to answer the entrance test according to the instructions of principal.

9. If a new pupil joins a school,he must produce either a duly attested transfer certificate from the school last attended or a birth certificate in case the candidate has not attended any school before.

10. Fees and other charges once paid are not refundable even if the pupil for any reason leaves the school immediately or does not turn up for admission later on.The seat already reserved may be allotted to another if the annual fees along with other charges are not paid within 3 days of the annual results.

11. Parents or guardians wishing to withdraw their ward from school must notify their intention to the principal in the from provided in the school diary.The transfer certificate will be issued within 3 days of such notice.

12. The principal has the right to suspend any pupil without having to state any reason provided that he is satisfied that such action is necessary in the interest of the school.

13. Enrollment in Shaheed Smarak School implies on the pupil and parents' willingness to comply with requirements and regulations of the school as framed from time to time.

14. Request for a transfer certificate is to be mode in writing by the parents/Guardians accompanied by a T.C,fee slips etc.Transfer Certificate will be issued only when all the school dues are paid.

15. All fees and dues are to be cleared.All books and other items borrowed from the school have to be returned before the Transfer certificate is issued.

16. Any pupil Whose tuition fee has not been paid for two months will automatically be strunck off the roils and-admission may not be easily granted.