Education shall aim for the full development of personality and strive to nurture the citizens, sound in mind and body, who are imbued wth the qualities necessary for those who form a peaceful and democratic state and society.

Our Aims

1. To Arouse Interest to Provide Knowledge, improved skilled and Change Attitudes in Making rational decisions to solve their own Problems.
2. To stimulate individual and community self reliance and participation to achieve health development through individual and community involvement at every step from identifying problems to solving them.
3. To promote the proper use of the health services available to them.
4. To encourage people to adopt and sustain health promoting life style and practices.

Our Vision :

To promote the glory of God by the holiness of the members of our institute and the service of the Kingdom of God

Our Goal :

The goal of our educational endeavour is fullness of life for all, especially the marginalized, the rural poor and the girls through an integrated formation, in partnership with God to build His kingdom.

~: Our Core Values :~

1.God experience: To help the students to realize the presence of God within oneself and in others and teach them to pray and live in accordance with the dictates of God.
2.Compassionate love for all, specially the poor & the marginalized: To motivate our staff and students to love compassionately the poor and the marginalized specially the rural and the girls.
3.Communion, Collaboration, Team Spirit: To inculcate the spirit of team work and foster communion and collaboration in our institutions.
4.Excellence in terms of developing each one's unique potentialities to build a just and human community: To facilitate the staff and students to develop their multiple intelligences and also to enhance their positive self-image and self esteem. To guide the pupils to seek knowledge which leads to truth and to make learning a joyful experience of discovery and creative thinking.
5.Truth, Love Justice and Peace: To respect and uphold the rights and dignity of every human being to be loving, transparent, accountable and just in our personal and institutional life and work diligently for peace.
6.Simplicity of life style and dignity of labour: To instill in the staff and students the value of dignity of labour, simplicity of life and community service.
7.Respect for life, nature, culture, religions and love for the nation: To promote love and profound respect for all forms of life, cultures, religions and nature.

Main Objective

Use A.S.P.I.R.E. Exercise

A: Approach/attitude/arrange
    • Approach your studies with a positive attitude
    • Arrange your schedule to eliminate distractions
S: Select/survey/scan
    • Select a reasonable chunk of material to study
    • Survey the headings, graphics, pre- and post questions to get an overview
    • Scan the text for keywords and vocabulary: mark what you don’t understand
P: Piece together the parts:
    • Put aside your books and notes
    • Piece together what you've studied, either alone, with a study pal or group:summarize what you understand.
I: Investigate/inquire/inspect:
    • Investigate alternative sources of information you can refer to: other text books, websites, experts, tutors, etc.
    • Inquire from support professionals (academic support, librarians, tutors, teachers, experts,) and other resources for assistance
    • Inspect what you did not understand.
R: Reexamine/reflect/relay
    Reexamine the content | Reflect on the material | Relay understanding
    • Reexamine: What questions are there yet to ask? Is there something I am missing?
    • Reflect: How can I apply this to my project? Is there a new application for it?
    • Relay: Can I explain this to my fellow students? Will they understand it better if I do?
E: Evaluate/examine/explore:
    • Evaluate your grades on tests and tasks: look for a pattern
    • Examine your progress: toward achieving your goals
    • Explore options: with a teacher, support professional, tutor, parent if you are not satisfied.